AlphaKOR Academy: Content is King

AlphaKOR Academy: Content is King

The word Content gets thrown around in every digital marketing how-to guide found online and for good reason.

● 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day (eMarketer)
● Unique site traffic growth (YOY) is 7.8x greater for content marketing leaders (Aberdeen)
● Content marketing produces 3x the leads at 62% less of a cost (Demand Metric)

This is wonderful; however, can you truly integrate amazing content if you don’t understand why it is so important? Sit back, relax, put on your digital marketing hat and let’s see why Content is King in 2019.

What Is Content?

According to Google , the definition of content is: Information made available by a website or other electronic medium.

From a business owner standpoint, think of content as a means of giving your field expertise back to the consumer in a clear, concise manner. This can be done through the use of words, images, videos, GIFs, whatchamacallits… it is all content. To give some examples:

  • Car Dealer: Create a blog post on the benefits of buying a new car.
  • Roofer: Create a three step social media post on how to check if you need a new roof.
  • Beautician: Create a single image of a client after using the ideal product.

*If you are a car dealer, roofer or beautician, you can probably come up with better examples than these. That is the beauty with content; you’re the expert! Use that expertise to create amazing content that no one else would think of.*

When considering content creation the most important thing to have in mind is value. The question to be asked should be, “how is this content going to provide value to my audience?” If that question cannot be answered, you are probably not making the right content.


Where Is Content?

Everywhere. Content is not limited to one aspect of a digital marketing strategy. Content should inhabit every corner of your digital footprint: social media, website, blog, email and more. Each consumer that visits ANY aspect of your brand’s online universe should receive the same treatment and ignoring one aspect is mistreating every consumer that only visits that aspect.

Digital platforms (such as your social media and website) are building the consumer’s perception of your brand. If you had a brick and mortar storefront filled with litter, a cashier in jorts (nothing wrong with jorts) and services that did not work, do you think the consumer would have built a positive perceived notion of your brand? Think of your online presence as your digital storefront.

quick content marketing integration checklist
  • Do I have my brand voice established?
  • Do I have my brand design established?
  • Do I currently inhabit the platforms best suited for my brand?
  • Are all my platforms connected?
  • How is my content unique to each platform's strengths?
  • How is my content providing unique value to my audience?
  • Is my content's technical performance optimized?
  • How do I plan to drive content interactions down my sales funnel?
  • Do I have a content follow-up plan?
  • Can I sustain this level of content marketing moving forward?

How Does Content Impact Marketing Goals?

We have touched upon what content is and where it belongs, but now we get into the fun stuff. What are the tangible benefits a brand can expect from strong content marketing?

Beyond the value that keeps visitors coming back for more, good content also gains the interest of other businesses. These businesses will link to your site when curating your content giving you what’s called a backlink. Backlinks are a fundamental aspect of increasing your credibility in Google and increasing your SEO score.

Consumers who utilized your brand during the information search portion of the purchase process are more invested in your brand. Therefore, they are more likely to choose your brand as their final destination.

Good content creates credibility behind your brand; the difference between someone who actually knows what they’re talking about and someone who just talks like they do. When users consume your content first, you have now become a thought leader within your industry.

Social media users engage with what they like. This concept is not rocket science. By understanding what resonates with your audience the most, you will increase your social following and engagement.

The combination of a boosted credibility from strong content marketing and the ability to respond quickly to unfavorable situations will prove valuable in mitigating negative PR.

The hardest part of content marketing is getting started. Once you have everything in place and start receiving results, the process becomes optimized and less of a drain on business resources.

The standout benefit of an excellent content marketing strategy is: the more work you put into it, the bigger the return. Once you have won your audience, it is game over, you got them. The brand no longer reaches out for the consumer; the consumer reaches out for the brand. This isn’t trickery, magic or a get rich quick scheme… it’s providing REAL value to your consumers. Put effort into the digital content you develop and watch your ROI bloom.


Why Is Content King?

So here we are, back at the same question we started with: why is content king?
Content is king because it is the foundation of every effective digital marketing plan in 2019.

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