Heart & Soul Project


Members of our Heart & Soul Project realize that grief is not easy, and are dedicated to providing help with your journey by offering innovative support services, educational initiatives and excellent care.

For generations, Windsor Chapel Funeral Home and the Janisse family have been involved in the communities of Windsor and Essex County.  Whether they have been supporting local charities or the many secret acts of kindness, they have always been active members of the community that they serve.  The Heart and Soul Project is Windsor Chapel’s continuation of this legacy.


  • Provide weekly drop in sessions and bi-annual group grief support.
  • Have an online location to highlight open seminars, group sessions, and community education resources
  • Create a section to showcase community partnerships


With the combination of beautifully captured images, a serene, peaceful colour pallet and some well written blog posts, AlphaKOR created a website that leads the viewers effortlessly to their grief counseling needs. We tailored this website for the site visitors; user experience was of the highest priority. 

The website is fully functional both on a desktop and mobile devices, for easy on the go access from the comfort of your own home. The Heart and Soul projects number one priority was to provide their site users an experience of ease during a difficult time in their lives.