Pay Per Click Advertising

Why Do I Need Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is a great advertising method to spread your brand awareness over the internet. Your company is unique, offering your own brand of products or services but it can be a struggle to spread this awareness to new customers.  A great way to do this is to rank your site on page 1 of search engines, but competition is fierce for first page ranking. 

Pay Per Click (PPC) can give you the competitive advantage you need. Investing in Search Engine Marketing produces faster, more efficient results, but only if executed correctly.  PPC will help increase leads, calls, and sales. AlphaKOR Marketing will perform analysis on you campaign and refine your ads as needed to produce maximum results within your budget.

Get More Calls

Increase awareness, leads and sales.

Get More Traffic

Reach more specific audiences across the web’s top search engines

Google Ads Management

Bing PPC Management

Facebook & Instagram

YouTube Ads Management

Digital Marketing Packages

Want SEO, Social Media and PPC Advertising at an affordable price? We have All-In-1 packages that fits your budget.
Digital marketing is a far more efficient and cost effective way to convey your marketing message than “traditional” methods.

Our Pay Per Click Process

Define Performance Goals and Review Historical Data

Implement Tracking

Build Keywords & Targeting

Develop Creative Hook & Ad Copy

Landing Page Optimizations

Monitor ads, Report & Refine

Frequently Asked Questions


Pay Per Click Marketing is often referred to as PPC marketing. PPC is a paid service used to increase visibility of products or services when doing a search in search engines.

Research shows that PPC is one of the fastest growing marketing channels available. It is also often the most cost-effective form of marketing.

PPC is great for brand building, and generating leads and online sales by create demographic, location and interest targets.

The easiest way is to contact US! We’ll sit with you and come up with a customized plan that’s right for YOUR business. Each industry requires alternate campaigns. AlphaKOR offers custom PPC packages for your convenience. 

You have a business to run and your time is already well allocated to suit your companies needs. Leave it to our team of professionals to properly manage and track your campaign efforts, giving you peace of mind.