Social Media

Why do you need a social media management company?

Your customers are on social media.

Brand engagement is more important than ever in this highly competitive, online community. Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. When you engage in your  brands social community, it helps keep your company in top priority. 

Your company has a reputation on social media.

People are talking about you on social media. Whether it is a recommendation or a review, your company is out there and needs representation. Our social media management services help your company shine it’s best light. With service insights and sincere responses, your customers will see you as a company that has their best interest in mind. 

Your company is being searched for.

Whether you are a service provider or your company sells products, you can bet that there are people looking for them. Our social media management services will help direct those people to your business, generating more leads and a stronger online reputation. 

Companies deserve expert social media management.

If you have ever managed your social media platforms, you are well aware that it is very time consuming. Between content creation, community engagement and brand monitoring, it’s a lot to juggle on top of your business and marketing duties. Our agency can help you reach your marketing goals and a new customer base.

As of November 2018, total worldwide population is 7.6 billion
The internet has 4.2 billion users

Our social media marketing services include:

Identify and assess target audience.

Online trend research and tracking.

Create marketing strategy and implement it.

Blog and forum support and awareness.

Regularly scheduled updates.

Keyword, phrase and topic targeting.

social media monitoring.

Strategy improvements using analytics and data-tracking.


A Social Media Post Performance Report for AlphaKOR Group

Digital Marketing Packages

Want SEO, Social Media and PPC Advertising at an affordable price? We have All-In-1 packages that fits your budget.


Our Essentials SMM Package is ideal for start-ups and businesses that have a limited budget but want to take advantage of social media to promote their brand, product and services at affordable prices.

Our Professional SMM Package is ideal for medium to large organizations that want to completely outsource their social media presence to experts and monitor their brand reputation. 

Our Ultimate SMM Package is ideal for large organizations that want to showcase many of their community involved events and bring a personality to their branding using video content.


Social Media Package Summary


per month

1 Monthly SM Campaign Across All Platforms


Profile Optimization

2 Monthly Post Creations


Profile Optimization

Monthly Events Post

2 Monthly Post Creations

5 Industry Follows

3-5 Industry Engagement


Profile Optimization

Monthly Events Tweet

2 Monthly Tweet Creations

3 Industry Follows

3 Industry Retweets


Social Media Package Summary


per month

Essentials Package +


4 Monthly Post Creations

2 Monthly Post Shares

Join 1 Industry Group

1 Group Engagement


Event Reminder Post

8 Monthly Post Creations

10 Industry Follows

6-10 Industry Engagement


Event Reminder Tweet

8 Monthly Tweet Creations

6 Industry Follows

6 Industry Retweets


Profile Optimization

4 Monthly Post Creations

2 Monthly Post Shares

Join 1 Industry Group

1 Group Engagement


Social Media Package Summary


per month

Professional Package +


Profile Optimization

1 Video Creation*

Post Share Across All Platforms


1 Hour On-site Event Coverage**

*YouTube videos will not be production quality. No special effects, Only Royalty Free Music, Includes 1 opening Slide + 1 closing slide with credits
**Includes 30 minutes of travel time, 30 minutes of event content capturing and 30 minutes of event content writing and posting. Examples of content posting include live tweets, Facebook and Instagram stories.


Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a product, offering a service or writing a blog. Every industry or personal project can benefit from social media! If you are offering something another would find valuable, social media is the way to advertise! It is guaranteed that there is an audience out there looking for what you have to offer.

We offer Profile Optimization for every social platform in your package.

Profile Image Optimization – We will evaluate your social platforms profile image and offer suggestions or alternatives if we feel them necessary.

Page Banner Optimization – We will evaluate your social platforms banner image and offer suggestions or alternatives if we feel them necessary.

Contact Information Optimization – We will review the contact information on your social profiles. If we see anything out of the ordinary or outdated information, we will make a suggestion to have it updated.

If you don’t have an existing Facebook or Twitter account, no worries, we are more than happy to set one up for you. It’ll be branded to your companies image and we will post and tweet for you.

If you do have a Facebook or Twitter account, we will optimize it so that it represents your companies brand and mission. 

You can chose from many different platforms including  Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. If you are unsure, we can help you determine what platform will work best for your company.

Our Social media management services show increased results in traffic, brand recognition and customer loyalty, but we do not guarantee sales. We’ll use our industry expertise to manage your social media efforts, but it’s up to you to satisfy shoppers and encourage sales.

Any interest we generate using regularly scheduled posts and tweets we will handle with expertise. It will be up to you to address any social engagement that results from content that you post on your own, as well as any service issues (such as return policy questions, refund requests, order status inquiries, merchandise complaints, warranty claims, etc.).

Every social media management campaign we embark on starts with an in depth industry research. We then work on a strategy that engages your customers and stay on top industry news for relevant content.  For product promotions, we’ll gather product and special pricing info from you, then spread the word.

During the first few weeks of your campaign, we will ask for your feedback on all content prior to posting it. This will allow us to establish your company’s voice and your comfort level with various social media topics. 

Because timing is an important aspect of social strategy, after this initial approval period, we will begin posting in real time ⏰  so that we can keep pace with the online community. 

As a business owner, you get to decide how to allocate your funds. The benefits of social media are numerous. The average Facebook user engages with the platform 14x a day.

And while many social media platforms are becoming pay-to-play platforms, the cost-per-click (CPC) is often lower than other channels including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Shopping Feeds. 

Boosting your various posts and launching campaigns on Twitter allow your content to reach a larger audience, including those who matter most to your business, which may be a worthwhile investment.