Solace Urns

Solace Urns

Solace Urns understands the importance of offering options for quality cremation urns at competitive prices.

Cremation is becoming the most popular means of deposition. Their goal is to provide another purchasing option for those who have experienced a loss.  They know you will find something in our store that will suit your needs and appeal to your style.

Solace Urns is a cremation urn retailer in Canada. They warehouse all of our products  so that shipping will be quick, especially if the cremation urn is needed promptly for memorial services or celebrations of life.


  • Provide those who require urns an online alternative to make their purchase out of the comfort of their home.
  • Create an informational blog for those who are, or know a loved one who is experiencing grief. Providing education on the different modalities of grief, with steps to work through the emotions and how to build a nurturing space in their lives.


With the combination of beautifully captured images, a serene, peaceful colour pallet and some well written blog posts, AlphaKOR created a website that leads the viewers effortlessly to their purchasing goals. We tailored this website for the site visitors, user experience was of the highest priority. 

The website is fully functional both on a desktop and mobile devices, for easy on the go access from the comfort of your own home. Solace Urns priority was to provide their site users an experience of ease during a difficult time in their lives.