Toic Wealth Management

Zeljko (Jocko) Toic, CFP based in beautiful Kelowna, B.C. and serving Canadian Investors in British Columbia and Alberta. Registered as a Dealing Representative with Cape Cove Financial  And Now Ontario.

Jocko is a Certified Financial Planner  accreditation. He was trained by a large national financial company, and realized the short comings for clients and concluded ‘clients deserve something better’.

Jocko has aligned his business with some of the best investment opportunities available.  His goal is to provide his clients with diversified, non-correlated investment solutions to not only protect their capital, but provide growth.


  • Create a personal branded website for ZelJko Toic that gave him customization options while adhering to the Cape Cove brand imaging.
  • Create an online platform to showcase Toic Wealth Management services, investments and planning opportunities.



Toic Wealth Management was created with a purpose to provide Jocko a website with easy customization options. It was required that Toic Wealth’s brand image align with Cape Cove’s brand identity while remaining a separate identity. Using a similar layout, colours from Cape Cove’s brand manual and similar copy, Toic Wealth Management provides financial services in British- Columbia and Ontario.

The website is fully functional both on a desktop and mobile device, for easy on the go access for when you need it most.