Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre

The Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre (WECYAC) provides a child-centred, safe location for children/youth to disclose their abuse to a specially trained team of professionals. Prior to WECYAC, children/youth subjected to abuse were interviewed in several locations around the community, by multiple different professionals. WECYAC minimizes the number of times children/youth must tell their story, reducing the trauma of disclosure. We believe that kids should only have to tell their story once!


  • Provide an online platform for the community to turn to when they need help with supporting victims of child/youth abuse.
  • Inform the public with contact information for emergencies or crisis centres.
  • To have an online location to highlight WECYAC event locations, media opportunities or an easy alternative for donations.
  • Create an internal intranet setup for ease of scheduling and communication between board members.


AlphaKOR created a website that is easy to navigate with a family friendly atmosphere. We tailored this website to invoke strength in compassion by using soothing colour tones, a minimalist layout and high-quality photos. 

The Board of Directors required an online portal to share internal documents including meeting agendas and minutes, announcements and operational  information. With easy navigation and a mobile responsive layout, the board can access these important documents from their phones.


The website is fully functional both on a desktop and mobile devices, for easy on the go access for when you need it most. With design geared to strengthen the relationship between WECYAC and the local community it provides valuable information and hope for a better tomorrow!